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Download Extract RAIN Spotlight: Influential Leaders in VC + Defense A RAIN+ Venture Capital in Defense Directory Extract The emerging role of venture capital in spurring defense innovation is driven by a number of key individuals working at VC firms. They have mixed backgrounds in business, technology and the defense and intelligence sectors. The combined expertise of these individuals in founding technology companies, running businesses and understanding the military’s requirements enables VC firms to drive innovation in defense. This report extract highlights the background of these individuals and the role they play in the VC + Defense sector.The Influential Leaders in VC +...

Militarisation of the Stratosphere White Paper

This white paper provides a short history of the militarisation of the stratosphere and great power competition, tracking key developments from the 1990s until the present. It also analyses the military significance of the two main classes of high-altitude UAVs: High-Altitude Long-Endurance (HALE) and High-Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) platforms.

Startups Enter the Stratosphere as HAPS Market Grows

Following decades of research and development, High-Altitude Platform Systems, or HAPS, are emerging as viable solutions for connectivity and remote sensing. As HAPS technology matures, many promising startups are entering the market. RAIN's Nexus Data Lab calculates that the total number of HAPS projects in active development increased from 4 in 2013 to 23 in 2021. Eight of the companies (42 per cent) entering the market were startups. Many startups joined the HAPS market even as several big players withdrew, such as Facebook and Google. Google's parent company Alphabet announced the winding down of its Project Loon in 2018, while Facebook...