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High-Altitude Platform Systems + Artificial Intelligence

A detailed industrial intelligence guide to the frontier technology of HAPS: Uncrewed Stratospheric Vehicles. 

The stratosphere is the next frontier for defense competition. Driven by AI and decades in the making, High Altitude Platform Systems have arrived. Essential reading for investors, governments and companies active in the HAPS segment, The Militarisation of the Stratosphere evaluates 33 high-flying solar gliders, balloons and airships.

A comprehensive bundle of three complete reports, serves as navigational guides to this new market:

01 Metrics + Mapping provides a complete overview and analysis of the HAPS segment and ecosystem, examining key metrics related to HAPS including commercial and military interests, applications, and developments.

02 Review + Benchmarking analyses the performance of the 33 leading HAPS platforms and payloads according to three primary AI Capabilities: Flight Automation, Connectivity and Targeting.  

03 Trends + Forecasts provides analysis of key commercial and military trends and forecasts for the HAPS segment, including critical factors for success, military deployment of HAPS’ future uses, likely HAPS market leaders and emerging sensor capabilities. 

Report cover Eye in the Sky

NEW from RAIN+ Industry


High-Altitude Long-Endurance Uncrewed Systems on the Battlefield

Essential reading for investors, companies and governments interested in the HALE segment, EYE IN THE SKY evaluates 12 HALE platforms and payloads.

01 METRICS + MAPPING: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO THE HALE SECTOR provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the entire HALE segment and ecosystem. It examines key metrics related to HALEs, such as costs, capabilities and technological maturity, and maps global development, market dynamics and military use.

02 BENCHMARKING AUTONOMY + AI PERFORMANCE IN HALES evaluates the performance of  HALE systems according to the three primary RAIN+ AI Capabilities: Flight Automation, Connectivity and Automated Target Recognition. It also analyses the potential of AI for the HAPS segment.

03 TRENDS + FORECASTS FOR THE HALE SECTOR provides analysis of key commercial and military meta trends and forecasts for the HALE segment, taking into account key geopolitical and technological factors.

RAIN+ Data

RAIN+ Data offers a unique data mix in a specialised structure. Using our NEXUS proprietary methodology we benchmark and map trends to provide unique insights into the economic and geopolitical dynamics of the AI Revolution. We look for both larger industrial and geopolitical trends and granular relationships which will allow us to extract new insights in market analysis and tech evolutions affecting the defense sector.


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